Sunday, September 10, 2006

Unpackin' an' feudin'

Lemme see. Yesterday we hauled out a couple of the boxes from the truck and I started trying to find places to put things. Things like family pictures, artwork, office supplies, and general crap. I hung a couple of pictures and put some family photos where the cat is not likely to knock them over when he does a midnight dash-around.

We found a place to put the office supplies and Tony's file boxes. It wasn't an entirely bloodless process but we were both tired and cranky. There was one file box which was 1/2" too big for any of the spots I wanted to put it. He wanted to just stick it on a shelf, where it hangs over the edge. We almost had to get out the dueling pistols before we finally found a home for it. The only place it would go was right where he did (and I didn't) want it. Well, I guess you shouldn't end a 42 year marriage over the placement of a file box. (I've learned I'm not as good at compromising as I am at getting my own way. Hmmmm, maybe I should work on that, but then I like getting my own way! That's no surprise to anyone who knows me.)

We've been trying to figure out if we're missing anything we left behind yet. We couldn't think of a thing. In fact there were things we'd brought that neither of us think will be useful. We were so tired we were blind those last few days.

Today the unpacking process continued. We hauled boxes out of the truck, which is a very difficult endeavor for two short people. Poor ole Tony has to crawl up into the bed of the truck and yard the boxes out by brute force. Of course everything we needed to unpack was at the very front and the things we don't need now were between us and them.

But he hauled 'em out and I sorted and put away, hung pictures, found batteries for the clock and smoke alarm, found the carbon monoxide monitor and the calendar. So, we may not know much but we now know what day and time it is. Maybe. There were two big boxes of books and music, my research materials for a couple of books I'm working on, plus a box of odds 'n sods. I ended up packing up a large box of stuff culled from the other boxes and that was put back in the truck. (Will this never end?)

The place is looking like home now though, with family photos, a few favorite paintings and gee-gaws, and surprisingly there's still room to tuck more stuff away.

After dinner I left the dishes to rot and headed for the hot tub/pool. I did a round robin of hot tub/pool/hot tub and came out pink as a spanked baby's butt and relaxed as a wet string. I could get to like that hot tub.

This is a hard life. I would wish it on my best friend. ;)



Mandy said...

Huh. I realize I've never seen you guys fight before, even after kowing you for ten years and living in close quarters for... over a year?

Wow. It must have been the legendary File Box of Discord. I'd heard that its whereabouts were unknown...

Zak Greant said...

Do you two need a hand unpacking? I am on the road a lot in the next few months, but maybe I can sneak a bus ride out to you when I get back from Belgium?