Friday, September 01, 2006

Thursday's Child is Loving and Giving

The trailer must be a Thursday's child. What it loves to give is headaches! Ian worked out how to light the furnace and water heater, and how to dump the waste tank.

Somewhere along the way from Blairmore we lost our sewer hose and had to go to town this morning to buy another. We got it back to find that the end of the hose and our connector didn't match. It took four trips and a great deal of fiddling and duct tape to get the hose hooked up.

And, because we did not know that this trailer has only one tank we accidentally overfilled it and it backed up into the bathroom. (Newer trailers have a grey water and a black water tank. This one has a tank, period.) I got to clean up the overflow. It's a mistake no one with any sense of smell makes twice.

Mid-afternoon Ian's friends Julie and Susan arrived to pick him up, and he was off with a hug and big grins. What a sweet guy.

An hour later a neighbour knocked on our door to ask if we knew that the bottom of our trailer was pouring water. No we didn't!!

From what we, and our neighbours on both sides, can deduce, we have ruptured a water connection under the trailer, but, because the belly is entirely enclosed we can't say for sure. We have the phone number of an RV repair guy and will call him tomorrow.

So we are boondocking as far as water is concerned. No one drinks the water here anyway. They've been under a water advisory for the last two years. The water looks like milk and smells like... well, it smells funny.

I haven't been able to send mail yet. I can receive e-mail on my regular account, but can't get it to send. I may have to resort to a G-Mail account if I can't get it to work. The wi-fi doesn't work in the spot we are parked in (now they tell us!). This means I have to go to the clubhouse to connect to the web. So I won't be checking mail every few minutes. I may check twice a day if I'm ambitious. :)

However nothing can dampen our spirits. This is a magnificent place to park, the weather is glorious. It's sunny, breezy, with fruit hanging in the trees all around us. Even the cat is happy and has discovered numerous places in the trailer that were (apparently) designed just for him.

Thanks to the help of friends and family we're finally here! Whoooopeee!!!!!

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SMM said...

well that sounds like an adventure to remember. Glad to know you arrived safe and sound. Do enjoy and settle into your new paradise at whatever pace suits you.

Hope the gut repairs are not overly time consuming.