Friday, September 01, 2006

Monday ACK ACK ACK!!!

This morning we emptied the freezer and fridge, I washed them out, we washed the windows and I mopped the kitchen floor. Then it was out to the trailer to get everything stowed and ready to roll. Ian went off to get the propane tanks filled, we sorted and stowed until we were cross-eyed. It will be weeks before we find everything and make order out of chaos.

But on the positive side, there's loads of storage space in the trailer. The rotten Red Chief has already adapted to the trailer and is finding it exciting to look out the windows at the many birds in the trees around us.

Ian is home packing his necessities for the trip, then I will go pick him up, we'll gas up the truck, hitch up and we are out of here. A little later than we'd hoped, but we'll soon be on our way.

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