Thursday, September 14, 2006

Down Time

Time to take a breath. The last few days have been very busy. We've worked pretty much non-stop and have tired ourselves out. Today we are laying around doing lots of nothing.

It's cool today, so far (at noon) only 13 degrees, and it's raining off and on. We're comfy inside. We've switched the panel heater on a time or two to chase away the chill.

I heard our neighborhood covey of quail calling to each other last evening. Is it only in the southern US that we imagine they say, "bob white bob white"? We saw them this morning, 12 of them this time, pecking their way across the grass under the fruit trees in the space behind the trailer. The young quail are as big as their mother, but she stills leads the line, and she stood up, alert and watchful, while the young birds fed. I got a picture of a couple of them, but it's hard to say if they are quail or rocks. Only a quailologist would know for certain.

We saw a squirrel yesterday and we definitely get whiffs of skunk in the evening. Cathy says a skunk lives under one of the older cabins. So we are surrounded by small wildlife, little creatures who have learned to coexist with man. This suits me fine. I'd just as soon live in the woods, but since that's not practical I'll enjoy having the four-leggers visit me.

Later in the day I'll make the trek to the clubhouse to check my mail, and then I'll have a nice shower and soak in the hot tub... doin' lots of nothing is a good way to spend the day. :)

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SMM said...

Relaxing is not on our plate until perhaps October.

Today walking to the mailbox cluster I saw to hoary woodpeckers and a blue jay.

We got much for a quiet peaceful neighbourhood...of course we were robbed of all of our plums. Right off the tree.

Oh well we had been distracted by company and them deer are such opportunists.