Friday, September 01, 2006

Our Criminal Adventure

We worked very late Sunday night. It was a long day period, from 8:30 am till well after midnight. We'd finally gotten it down to cleaning out the fridge and doing a quick clean of the kitchen when we all collapsed and decided enough was enough.

Ian left for home about 1:00 and we headed out to go to bed in the trailer. We were just dozing off when lights started playing across the front and side of the trailer. Both of us thought it was headlights from a car coming down the lane.

A minute passed and the light shone right in the front window (and no where else). Almost immediately the door was yanked open and a man poked his upper body in the door.

I said, "Ian is that you?" No reply. He stepped inside.

Tony said, "Ian, is that you?" No reply, but the guy stopped. Tony yelled, "Hey! Get out of here! and the guy bolted out the door, down the side of the trailer and off through the back garden.

By that point I had dialed 911 and had the police on the line. I told them we had an attempted break-in, but the guy had bolted. They said they'd have someone here in two minutes.

About 30 seconds later the HAWKS police helicopter was overhead and began sweeping the area, in another couple of minutes two squad cars arrived, one a canine unit. Once they found out which way the guy had gone they took off after him.

A woman officer took a report, and within a few minutes she said they'd apprehended and arrested a suspect who could give no good reason why he was prowling the neighborhood at 1:30 in the morning with a flashlight.

HAWKS had awakened me up several times early Saturday, sweeping up and down our block. And this seemed a rather robust response for a guy who'd already hightailed it. Maybe he'd been working the neighbourhood.

Anyway, my cell phone paid for itself last night, but for some reason I had a little trouble sleeping.

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