Sunday, August 27, 2006

So I Lied...

Since Shaw is so generously providing i-net service I'll post again from Calgary. I'll show you Tony's bunk - this pulls out to a double bed.

The furniture is all gone from the house, so we spent the night in the trailer. Very comfortable. It got down to 10C and we were still fine without heat. The solar panel was kicking energy into the batteries all day yesterday and the DC lights work very well. As long as we have sunshine we may never use an AC bulb.

Now we're surrounded by stuff that still needs to be packed, as well as stacks of boxes which will have to be carried out to the trailer and truck as the day progresses. I have to pack the dishes and whatever food we take with us. With the exception of breakfast we'll probably eat out on the way. Pack some snacks into the truck, along with the cat, his litter box (a regrettable necessity), water, etc etc.

But time's a wastin'. We're hoping to leave tomorrow (Monday) morning and arrive on Wednesday. We are in no hurry. We've had no time to relax for months, the holiday begins when we pull out of the driveway.

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