Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thank God for Friends!

The theme (if theme there be) of this post must be friendship. During one of our last visits Ian took a picture of good friend SMM and the two of us with SMM's camera.

Ian and several of his friends plus Mandy's parents (Bill and Carol) and her brother Dan arrived about 7:00 pm last night to help. These same friends helped us move into this place about two years ago. Ian has fantastic friends. The guys moved the furniture. Bill and Dan hung the remaining heater in the trailer while Carol and I packed china.The place is almost empty now except for ginormous dust balls and some nervous spiders. We're left with a bookcase, a bed, two chairs and a wobbly old table which will go into the alley when we're done with them. Oh, and piles of flotsam and jetsam we don't quite know what to do with. Thrift store, brace yourself.

Thank God for friends!

Today we continue going through stuff, separating what goes from what goes out. We clean. We shop. We take the trailer to get its new tires. Time to get moving.

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Smm said...

I am sure it is important that the camera was not Ian's.

I can't imagine how empty the basement suite must feel by now. The end is in sight, my friend.

I was invited to the local ladies luncheon next Tuesday. We are still waiting for the Welcome Wagon lady to show with our basket of goodies.

Keep on keepin' on. Soon you will be to your new location.