Friday, August 25, 2006

What About Friday?

The day started too early for me. I wanted breakfast in bed, a long hot bath and a mid-morning nap. What I got was a bowl of cold cereal poured by myself, no bath (we had no water courtesy the construction crew down the street) and a nasty backache.

Oh well, enough about me. Ian was here shortly after breakfast, installed the tie-down for the fridge and we continued the clearing process. Good grief!! We could build a small house with the stuff we have left over from this project!

It took us until almost 2:00 to get things squared away and the trailer hitched up. The tire store is only eight-ten blocks away, so it was a quick trip. Ian was very adept at maneuvering the trailer. He pulled it like a pro. The tires ($600.00) were on in about two hours, and we had the trailer back in the driveway by 4:00.

We learned in this short shakedown cruise that we had forgotten to put drawer sliders on two drawers, and that the pantry and closet doors need an extra catch each. Otherwise everything travelled without incident, even though we bumped up and down several rough back lanes en route. Ours is like a mine field and Ian had to circle the tire store via the lane to pull into their bay.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tony has been sorting out the contents of the office. This is a job for the strong of heart. Thank goodness he's tackled it while we were busy with other things.

We've decided that our new departure date is Monday the 28th. There's just no point killing ourselves to get out of here a day earlier.

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SMM said...

I figure that departing on the day you have secured placement at the new homestead is smart because you can cruise right in and set up shop the same day. No stop overs required.

I wish you safe passage.

I clearly need to start writing in my on LJ and get the story of our trip, arrival and adventure in learning the local jargon and such into the world of cyberwriters.