Thursday, August 24, 2006

Obviously I'm Not Psychic

Or I'd have known that we were not going to be able to get the trailer in for new shoes today.

Ian left work at noon, and was here by 12:30. We realized that we couldn't move the trailer without first installing the tie-downs for the fridge. And, we have to have towing mirrors and (okay, we're trailer virgins) we didn't know if the main battery has to be in place for the trailer lights to work. Time to shop....

$300.00 and an hour later we had two batteries, towing mirrors, a toolbox and a bag of brightly wrapped candies for the glove box. Not that the glove box will eat them, but that's where they are going until we hit the road.

By the time we got back to the house we realized there was no way we could get the necessary work done (including clearing all the tools and loose junk from the trailer) in time to get the trailer in before traffic time. So we called and rescheduled for tomorrow.

That left time to .... shop!!! All the stuff I've been putting off buying. A smoke detector, a fire extinguisher, light bulbs, cushy cupboard lining which keeps things from sliding around as you corner, velcro to hang pictures with, pillows (many pillows), throw rugs, hardware, battery covers, a black water tank wand (you don't even want to know, trust me, but in an RV you are up close and personal with your own effluent. Those little holding tanks get mighty high if they aren't washed out after they are dumped.) Let's just say that $400 worth of stuff went out the door and that it took two carts.

Back home we dumped the stuff into the trailer and went to work. Ian started installing batteries and reinstalling the platform for the propane tanks. Inside Tony and I busied ourselves trying to sort out tools and clear the decks.

Friends and fellow Buddhists Wendy and Yoshiko arrived at 7:30 for a lovely visit and a chanting session. We've been so busy that we've had little time to meet with our district members lately. I'm going to miss this little extended family.

After Wendy and Yoshiko left we resumed work, but all any of us were doing was going in circles, accomplishing nothing at all. We decided to eat and call it a day. Maybe tomorrow we can actually get those tires on.

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