Monday, August 21, 2006

If I Were Two Ones...

I'd get more done. I cleared the trailer of the piles of tools and construction debris this afternoon. I threw away the debris, but the closet and pantry are stuffed with cans of paint, tools, and various construction moosh. We pulled in the cushions for the couch/beds in the back. Everything got a dust and vacuum, in preparation for carpet laying. I also put another coat of paint on the hitch.

It was 31 degrees C. (approx 88 degrees F) today. The trailer has been very uncomfortable to work in any time it was that hot, even with the vents and all the windows open and two large fans running. The roof coat has made a huge difference. I didn't turn on the fan until the temperature reached 28 or 29 degrees. I opened the back windows about 3:00, but never did bother to open the front windows. It was cool and comfortable inside all day.

When Ian arrived tonight after work we set to work measuring and laying the carpet. It took us about two and a half hours to get it measured, cut and laid, but tomorrow we should be able to secure it to the floor and put in the quarter-round moldings.

We ended the day at 10:30 by dropping the truck off to be serviced. There's a list of maintenance which needs to be done on it before we can hitch up and go.

The list on the trailer is beginning to look manageable, but tomorrow and Wednesday will be devoted to packing so Ian and some friends can move furniture on Wednesday night. I'd like to be twins right about now.

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