Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bill the Bunny

I took this picture of Bill the Bunny through the office window. We were very happy that Zak got to see Bill, who is an Arctic hare. Bill hangs out under the big fir tree just outside our office window for a couple of hours three or four days a week year round. He was there this morning, just chillin' out and occasionally washing his face or ears. He is grizzled brown in the summer but in the fall he begins to develop white patches. By the time we have cold weather he's entirely white except for the tips of his ears, which are black. I startled him by accident one day and he cleared our lawn and the street, landing on the neighbour's lawn across the street, in two magnificent leaps. He's something I'll miss about this place.

Today was both a work and shop day. We started the day by priming the icky brown and gold stripes on the trailer. Tomorrow, assuming clear weather, we'll paint those stripes two shades of blue.

Once we'd done the painting we headed out to shop. The largest purchase of the day was a stainless steel fridge. It looks very good. :) Things are coming together, bit by bit.

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