Friday, August 11, 2006

All Things Take Time

Kitty was the typical nocturnal naughty cat in the night. He woke me at 4:00, 4:30 and 4:45, trying to lick the skin off my chin. He snuggled me, he pulled at my hand to get me to pet him. He was charming and sweet. Then he grew naughty and became determined to leap on top of the cupboard adjacent to the bed. I got up and made sure he had food and water and locked him from our room.

However by then I was too wide awake to fall asleep again. After lying there a couple of hours I got the laptop and visited one of my favorite sites, one devoted to the life and mission of Peace Pilgrim. I find constant inspiration and considerable challenge there. Her philosophy was practical and direct and she lived it daily. Two of her quotes which struck me as I read in the growing grey dawn were:

"Problems that help us grow are really opportunities in disguise. In all things be thankful."

"Never be impatient, all good things take time."

Is panic a form of impatience? Am I using this project as an opportunity for growth, or is it just something to get through so I can get on to the real life waiting down the road? The only moment I have is now, I'll try not to lose it worrying about the what if's. Inner peace was one of the forms of peace she advocated, and one which needs to cultivated as carefully as any exotic orchid.

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