Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sixteen Days and Sixty Jobs to Go

We had a HUGE thunderstorm last night. A big lightening strike took our power out at about 9:30. Good thing I'd bought a flashlight the night before. We left Tony and the cat with a flashlight and crank powered radio and Ian and I drove through pouring rain and flowing water to the airport where Zak was to land at shortly after 10:00 pm.

Zak's plane landed a few minutes early, however, because of the storm planes weren't allowed to approach the gates and deplane passengers, so it was 11:30 before he finally came through the gate. None of us were in bed before 2:00, so we aren't exactly bundles of energy and vitality today.

Worse, the ceiling in the trailer leaked last night, after three rounds of repair. I think we have now found the spot and filled it with caulking, and hopefully we'll have no more water incursions. Otherwise we may be spending the winter in a tin bathtub. To ice the cake the once highly successful ceiling paper has begun to peel away like banana skins. ACK!! ACK!! ACK!! I glued some of it back up, but can't reach much of it. Someone taller will have to do it.

The names we call the trailer keep getting more and more rude.

Today the score is; Trailer Gremlins 10, Home Team 0.

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