Sunday, August 06, 2006

10:30 Home again home again Jiggety jig

We're home with the furry baby. He's miffed with us, for abandoning him to those awful people who poked him with needles and locked him in a nasty cage. So we're not getting time of day from him. He's obviously thinking of adopting himself out to another mama and papa.

We're under orders not to feed him until tomorrow morning, and not even to give him water. I picked up his food dishes before we left, because the vet had said over the phone that he'd be coming home with a special bland food to eat for a few days. But she said he could drink right away, so I didn't pick up his water bowl.

When we picked him up she'd changed her mind and said not to give him food or water until tomorrow morning. He didn't hear the instructions, so after checking that there was no food in his dishes he went to his water bowl and drank and drank and drank. So far it doesn't seem to have hurt him. If he was that thirsty I figure he needed it. For that matter he is now begging at the fridge door. He wants food. Maybe a teaspoon of that bland food will be okay. Okay, so I'm not following doctor's orders, I'm caving in to the cat's begging. But I figure he knows how he feels better than she does.

Cross your fingers he doesn't start barfing again.

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