Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Want My Stuff? You Can't Have it!

Ian and I picked up the cushions from the upholsterer tonight. They look nice, a bit hmmm puckery in some places, but that material must have been the pits to sew. It's very stiff and thick. It should wear like iron and hopefully the cat's hair will slide off of it.

I painted for a while, got the second light blue stripe painted and put a second coat on the panel in front of the trailer. It looks good in the two colours of blue. I'm thinking of looking for a finish coat to put on the stripes, as the finish is more matte than the ivory-coloured siding and I want it to shine baby!

But we started the day housecleaning. I'd let things go inside while I've been working outside. I did a thorough clean last week, and Tony's been keeping up with the laundry and dishes while I worked in the trailer, but I'd let a lot slide. So there was a bit of panic when the landlord called at 10:00 am to say he'd booked showings for the afternoon and evening. Tony vacuumed the kitchen floor and took care of garbage and cat's box. I mopped the kitchen, gave the bathroom a quick going over, dusted, and did a general straightening.

There's an acute shortage of rental housing in Calgary and the first lookers arrived by 2:00. There was a steady stream from 3:00 to 4:30. The last set made me quite uncomfortable. All the others had been couples or young women. This was a set of two young men, early 20's, who looked and acted like street toughs. They weren't the least bit interested in the apt. They were simply looking at our stuff - i.e. casing the joint.

This is a bit ironic. While I'm looking to get rid of stuff I'm pretty sure what they were most interested in are things I'd just as soon keep. Maybe I'm just being a nervous Nelly but my spider senses are tingling. I'm keeping my cell phone close at hand tonight, and we will leave some lights on. We also warned the upstairs neighbour, because he's moving too and the landlord took them through his place while he was at work.

Hopefully they didn't see much that they could easily fence. Oh, somebody tell me I'm being an overanxious old ninny....

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Mandy said...

Eek!! Please let me know if everything is okay... :(
What surgery did Ian get? I am so oout of the loop...