Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last Cabinet Door Hung!

It feels like we climbed K-2! Ian finally managed to get that last cabinet door hung. Can we say hoo-ray?

We (by "we" I mean Ian and Zak) also got four (of eight) mini-blinds hung. They look very crisp and tidy. I made a stab at making the Roman blinds for the front and after doing one have decided I don't like the way they look. I want to see the fabric without folds, so I've come up with a new design. I'll post a picture when I have them hung.

Unfortunately the caulking Zak and I did this afternoon didn't fix the leakage problem. We had another downpour about 7:30 tonight and the roof still leaks. It's hard to say where it's leaking. It's easy to see where the water is ending up, but it must be flowing down a seam until it drips off. ACK!! ACK!! ACK!!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better and have more energy. Just putting one foot in front of the next was work today. Too much walking at the airport last night.

I guess I can say we're down to 58 1/2 jobs now. We're inching toward the goal like lame turtles, but at least we scored a couple of points on the Trailer Gremlins before the day was done.

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