Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It Was Groovey in the 70s baby!

This morning finds me on the heating pad. I finally gave in and took two pain pills so I can get up and be useful. Right now I can only cripple around while moaning like an old cow. My legs want to go on holiday right now.

Here's a reminder of what we started with. While lying here I have been channel flipping. I watched about five minutes of Candice Olson's "Divine Design". I now realize we aren't the only people in the world who were faced with classic 70s design. In this episode she was hired to redesign a huge walk-out basement that still sported its original 70s decor. It could have been our trailer, ten times larger. Maybe they had the same decorator.

Their carpet was orange and rust. The trailer's original carpet was still in place when we got it - orange, yellow, white and rust shag. Yummy! Where we had yellow, brown, green and gold stripes on the upholstery, they had them on two walls. Their other walls were wood paneling. (I believe we have discussed wood paneling here before - that's what got us into this mess to begin with.) They had smoked unframed mirrors attached to the wall, we had smoked unframed mirrors attached to the cabinet faces.

The only thing the trailer lacked that this big room had was a floor-to-ceiling fireplace of red brick. Guess it would have been too heavy to drag along. But there must have been brick wallpaper they could have incorporated somewhere! In fact I remember shopping for just such an insult to nature myself, when Zak was a baby. The only thing that kept me from "bricking" our living room wall was the price of the paper. It would have looked nice with the orange and rust rug, the green upholstery and wood paneled walls we had then. I have always been interested in interior decorating. I've just lived long enough to know that what's tres chic today is ghastly in five years time. Best not follow the trends too closely.

Ian has a host of friends coming tonight to help move furniture. Mandy's Mom Carol is coming to help me pack the antique china, that's going to live with Mandy and Zak. I'm so happy they are taking it. Some of it has been in the family for four and five generations and it would be a shame to send it to auction.

I need to shop but also have to clear a dresser of clothing before tonight. All I want to do is curl up and go to sleep. What I need is for those wretched pain pills to kick in and for a big shot of energy to zap me from outer space. Where are the Aliens with the zapper guns when you need them?

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SMM said...

I am glad you had the design sense to change the interior of the moveable home wagon.

It may not of been simple but it is much easier on the eyes