Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reminder to self: Do NOT Forget Your Meds!

I have Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis and I am, as a rule, meticulous with my meds. I can't remember when I last missed a dose - until yesterday when I was busy painting and forgot my noon pills. I have to take them with a full meal, so it was only after dinner that I realized I'd not taken the noon dose. In the end I took one less dose of one med, but it is the one which makes me hang onto potassium and I'm sure feeling it today.

My muscles feel as if they weigh a ton and I'm having trouble moving with any speed or precision, i.e I'm having an abortive attack. If I'm not careful these can evolve into an episode which need hospital treatment and since I don't want to end up in the emergency room I've spent the morning watching videos, rather than working on my task list. ACK!!! ACK!!! ACK!!!

But we had a very productive weekend. Zak was a tremendous help, and we are very close to finishing the interior. Zak and Mandy's brother Dan began working on the exterior on the weekend. It's now been washed, waxed, the back "bumper" and hitch cleaned of old paint and rust and repainted. Ian did the hitch last night, removing all the equipment and hardware, grinding off the rust and painting the hitch. He found a serious glitch in the safety system. The emergency breakaway was only loosely tied on and was completely corroded. The wiring was missing much of its sheathing, and had been "mended" with great wads of electrical tape. (tut tut) That has to be rewired and fixed.

I painted the top stripe (of two) which run down the long sides of the trailer yesterday. Royal blue. Very nice. The bottom stripe and the coloured area in the front will be a lighter blue.

Zak left for home early this morning. Having him here was wonderful. We're so grateful that he came. We had a good visit and he really moved us along the way toward completion of the reno project.

Now I have to relax and drink potassium solution by the litre, and try to get myself better.

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