Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Waiting For the "Simple" Part

I did a lot of wandering around with a glazed look in my eyes today and I wasn't doing any kind of walking meditation. I just didn't know what to do next! I'm still waiting for the "simple" part to start.

I made some necessary phone calls and cleared out a couple of drawers, but when it appeared that the forecasted rain wasn't going to happen I went out and started painting on the stripes again. I got the final (fourth) coat of dark blue on the top stripe and the first coat of light blue on the bottom stripe on one side and the large front panel. Thankfully the light blue will cover in two coats, rather than the four the dark blue took, or I may be hanging onto the side of the trailer as it is pulled down the highway, paintbrush in hand and bugs in my teeth.

That's all that got accomplished today. Ian had long-scheduled minor surgery today and was not up to renovation tonight. (Honestly, the lengths some people will go to to avoid turning a few screws!) He offered to go shopping with me, as there's still a long list of needed supplies, but I was too tired.

The upholstery shop called about dinner time to say that the cushions are finished and ready to be picked up, so maybe we will do that tomorrow night. I hope to get the rest of the painting done tomorrow and move on to something else. I'd love to get the interior work done once and for all so I can start loading stuff from the house into the trailer. Right now the trailer is a fancy tool shed!

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