Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It Might as Well be Pretty

We all need a good long holiday. This has been a very busy couple of months and we are all very tired. Tonight we (mostly Ian) got the carpet secured to the floor and about 75% of the quarter round put down. We decided the rest of the quarter round can wait till we get to BC.

During the day Tony and I sorted, purged and packed. Everything we take has to work for its living, but we don't have to use plastic or paper dishes, just because we're in a travel trailer. I've packed my four favorite porcelain teacups. We have to take cups and saucers, they might as well be pretty.

We also took the bedding out and made the beds. I'm using the quilt my dearly loved friend Jackie made for my birthday last year, shortly before she passed away unexpectedly. It's a very colorful pinwheel quilt, made with floral prints and bright pastels. Doesn't exactly match our colour scheme, but I want it with me.

The truck got its maintenance today, and we ordered new tires for the trailer. They will be expensive, but can you believe it appears that the original tires on still on it??? They still have tread on them too, but the sidewalls are cracking, which is not a good sign. We'd rather spend the $$ than risk having a tire come apart on us on the way.

I have a big list of "must gets" before we go. We have to get ready to have most of the furniture hauled out tomorrow, so I'm not sure I'll have time or energy to shop. But for the first time the "to gets" list is longer than the "to do" list. So we're making progress.

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Mandy said...

I can't believe your move is coming up so quickly!! I'm very glad it's all coming together... I really wish I could see you before you go. Oddly, I feel like I'll miss you both more now because I can't see you when I go home any more. :(

2 metric tonnes of love,
your lucky daughter-in-law