Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Vikings are Coming!

The big excitement for the day is the anticipated arrival of son #2 tonight. He's coming in to lend his considerable clout to the project. We wish his significant other, Mandy, was coming with him, but she has deadlines to meet. This is one mother-in-law who feels her son couldn't have found a better life partner than the beautiful, and highly talented, Mandy. We are blessed with wonderful children. They are our wealth, the gifts given to us by a generous and loving universe.

Last night Ian and I shopped. We needed that cabinet hinge and hardware to mount the full-length mirror I bought. (Although that mirror gives me the willies - it's kind of like a fun mirror at the carnival. It makes you look short and fat!) We also needed paint for the exterior stripes, a tarp, shelf brackets, and....oh yeah, MINI-BLINDS!!!

Calgary is a weird city in that the shopping opportunities in our section of the city, mid-town west, are limited. No Home Despot and the RONA is a mini-store, with short hours and a limited selection. So we end up driving to a big Home Depot a long way away. But buddy, when we get there we find what we need. How refreshing!

Today I'm kicking back, so I'll hopefully have the energy to keep up with my favorite Viking the next few days. :)

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Mandy said...

Deb, you are so sweet. It means a lot that you feel that way, and I'm very lucky to have you and Tony!

I wish I could come as well... it's a little jarring to think that the next time I'm in Calgary, you won't be there any more.

I hope you all will have a good (and productive!) visit. I'll be thinking of you.