Friday, September 01, 2006

Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa!

I began Tuesday with a hot shower. Wonderful, wonderful. We pulled out of our little provincial campground, drove into Castlegar and stopped at the Tim Horton's to use some of the lovely gift certificates Mandy's Mom, Carol, gave us as a bon voyage present. Thanks Carol! That cup of coffee brought me right back from the almost dead.

Then it was time to climb out of the ditch Castlegar is in. This hill and descent were unexpected, and almost as bad as the big Crowsnest Pass the day before. Every town on the route turns out to be the same, down at the bottom of a ditch. You have to slide into town on your tail feathers and sweat like Richard Simmons to get back out again. The countryside is beautiful but we must have gone up and down five miles for every mile forward. It was 4:30 before we finally pulled into Oliver. Three days minus a half hour. Lordie. Next time I'll walk.

We got busy setting up the trailer and at about 8:00 we went into town for a bite of dinner. We found a very plain pizza joint which sold very yummy pizza by the slice. After that we went to the grocery store and learned that Oliver has the world's best grocery store in a very compact floor space. They seem to have everything under the sun, in a quarter of the space of the Safeway nearest our place in Calgary. I love it.

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