Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building Round Two

Zak arrived back several days ago, and has been a busy bee. In addition to finishing meshing in the deck, he has been working on building a set of tiered plant stands for the back, sunny, end of the trailer.

These are a little under three feet in width, each has three shelves, each shelf is 16" deep. This means I don't have to bend as much to tend my plants, and they don't shade each other. We will add a trellis to the back row. Climbing/tall plants will go in the top row, medium height things in the middle row and lower growing things in the bottom row. I can also add a row of pots on the ground if I need to.

This really increases my growing area and I am tickled. I will be painting them the same blue as the deck's floor in a few days, so they look tidy. This also allowed us to use up a lot of the bits and pieces of lumber left over from the deck, and to clear up the disorganized mess that has grown up at the back of the trailer during construction. The half-height garden shed has been moved to the spot at the end of the deck (outside). We thought we might have to get rid of it due to a lack of anyplace to put it, but it works perfectly in that spot.

Other projects yet to do are a plant stand for the front, a bit different in design than the ones in back, and a vertical planter stand we have already christened The Hanging Gardens of Sumer-Land. (Yes, I know it's a bad pun.) And the fence. The redesign of the shade garden becomes more clear in my mind every day.

The transplants are doing well, considering the cool weather we've been having. It was warmer today (hooray!) and sunny most of the day, so I sat the flats out in the sun on the grass. The greens I planted into the pots are jumping up. They appear to be happy in more spacious surroundings and they don't mind the cool nights. You can see here how they have grown in the two days since they were transplanted.

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