Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Eggs-citing Day!

About noon there was a knock on the door. It was Gene from down the row with a gift, a dozen Araucana eggs. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the finer points of chickenry you may not know that the Araucana lays Easter Eggs! Eggs may be blue, green, red, pink, or any shade of brown.

The dozen Gene brought has one egg which is a perfect robin's egg blue, and the rest are pinky tan to mocha in colour. I put a few in one of my favorite blue glass bowls and took a picture. I'm not sure I will be able to bring myself to crack that lovely blue one.

I've become quite good friends with Gene's wife Nita. She is a bouncy, apple-cheeked German and a lot of fun. Unhappily they are moving at the end of the month. Happily they are moving into a house which is just down the street. In fact it is the first house down the street. So we will still be neighbours.

She and I were talking this morning, and she said, "Oh, this place has a chicken coop and a fenced run, so I am going to get some chickens!"

We've talked before about how much we both love chickens, and how much we both would like to have four or six hens. So she said, "There's lots of room, if you want to get some chickens they can live with mine! You can just come down and see them and feed them and pet them whenever you like!" But she added, "But I could never kill one, I just want them as pets and for eggs."

I agreed, once any hen of mine is too old to lay eggs I feel she's entitled to a peaceful retirement, pecking and scratching until the end of her days. No pet hen of mine will end up as soup!"

Am I a bit eggs-cited over this prospect? You bet!

Ian and I went to town and bought lumber to start the deck project. I bought paint for the deck floor (blue) and the supplies I need to begin making pots from pop bottles. Some of my seedlings need larger homes, so I need to get to work on making SIPs for them.

And speaking of seedlings, time to bring them inside, as the sun has gone for the day.


Anonymous said...

how cool. A neighbour with eggs. And even better an offer to board your own chickens should you so desire.

On another note...I made a killer honey lime salad dressing today.


Anonymous said... hair has gone from below my shoulders to 2" on top and about 1/2" bottom back!!! I'm still going to use shampoo. I am growing a couple of new foods from seed this year. We're growing patty pan squash and sweet peas. Cool beans on the possible chickens. Wouldn't it be fun to grow your own eggs, lol! If we had farm critters, they'd live to a ripe old age or until a predator got them.