Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Open the Door!

If you could only see the Red Chief's face, as he sits blissfully on his deck, you'd know what happiness looks like. As soon as Zak had the last of the mesh up we let the cat out to roam and explore the new space. He wasn't sure what to think, but a few minutes later, when he'd been in and out and in and out a half dozen times I asked him, "Do you like your new room?" He looked up at me, wrapped his tail around my leg and smiled his most engaging smile. He does not want to come inside. He is one happy boy.

And I'm happy too. Now we can just open the door and let him in and out. We don't have to wrestle him, carry him or herd him toward his little room. He can stay out all day if he likes, as his cat box will go out tomorrow. No more litter on the floor. I'm still not sure what to do about his need to use the box in the night. I may have to compromise and bring in the small pan for 3:00 am wee-wee emergencies.

It was another cold day, though it was sunny. The wind was absolutely glacial. Our high, briefly, was 11 C (51 F) at about 5:00 pm. I sat the tomatoes out in the sun despite the cool temperatures, as they need more light than they re getting through the plastic walls of the greenhouse. We've been told there's a risk of frost tonight, so the greenhouse is wrapped up tight and there's a light burning inside to keep Jack Frost at bay.

In late afternoon I examined one of my 16" round planters, and after deciding there was no way I could make a large SIP of it, transplanted my bok choi seedlings into it. Hopefully I can get the broccoli raab and the Chinese kale transplanted tomorrow. They desperately need larger quarters and can stand the cool nights. I have four or five Brussels sprouts plants, and I think I will put them in the bed under the willow tree next door. They are a very architectural plant and quite attractive. I am also going to plant some tall okra there, as it has an attractive hibiscus-like blossom (okra is in the hibiscus family).

And joy of joys! My hosta poked up one green coil of leaf today! It is not dead and gone after all! Of course a neighbour came over this morning to ask for help with his slide and he tromped right down the middle of my garden. I asked him please not to walk on my plants and he sort of looked down and said, "Oh, sorry." Then he stomped right back again, stepping square in the middle of my deadnettles in the back. Next project is a fence!

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newwaytowrite said...

Well, well, the Red Chief has found his slice of paradise lies just outside the door.

We just finished watching Hitchcock's

North by Northwest . Such a great movie.