Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden Day Approacheth!

And I am a bit panicked, as I usually am when a planned event is just a few days away and I am not ready!

I printed off the notices to be handed out to all the tenants tonight and tomorrow as they pay their rent, and I put up a notice at the recycling centre. I also printed up instruction sheets for the projects we won't be doing work bees for on garden day, but will (hopefully) have examples of.

I painted the plant tiers the same bright blue I painted the deck floor. They look good, if a bit messy here, with stacks of empty pots and potting mix stacked between.

The tomato plants look good, if a bit thin and weedy. It's been cold and overcast all month, and down to a degree or two above freezing almost every night so far, so the tomatoes are sulking and haven't grown much that I can tell this week.

There are Earthboxes to make, the vertical plant stand to finish and plants to be transplanted, as well as a frame for the tomato ring to build. I haven't been able to find the right wire so have decided that a wooden cage with deer fence attached will have to do. Where I am going to put this contraption is yet unknown.

I painted the shell for the vertical plant stand yesterday, in a light blue, and it's now waiting for the addition of shelves. I also talked to Kent, the neighbour directly opposite us, that is the back end of his RV faces into our garden. He does no gardening at all, so I asked if I could build a 3 x 5 raised bed at the end of his site, next to the tiered planters. He said sure, build away, as long as the propane guy could still get to the tank. No problem. This is excellent as it will give me room for veggies I didn't have room for otherwise. And we have leftover plywood to frame up the raised bed to a full 12" deep. And Kent will share our garden bounty.

At the moment the deck is a jumble of lumber, wire, hardware, tools and ladders. You'd never know it looking at the state of my house right now, but having stuff strung all over makes me edgy and uncomfortable. I went out and picked up as much as I could but there is no way to clean it up yet. Not until we have completed the projects we have on the go. Might as well chill out.

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