Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Was That Kind of Day

Yesterday while I was out covering or uncovering or watering or something to do with the plants in the greenhouse a bird flew over me and dropped a big bomb of bird crap on my freshly washed hair.

It was that kind of day.

Earlier I had gone out to cover, uncover, zip or unzip the greenhouse, water or encourage or whatever my plants. I turned, caught my toe on something and went down like a felled tree. No time to even put my hands up. I felt (and heard) a snap in the split second before my forehead hit the ground.

Okay, that grating sound when I breathe, and that little pop of bones moving against each other and the pain. I've broken ribs before, and know what they feel like. My headache almost matches the pain in my side, but not quite. I came inside and put a package of frozen vegetables on my head and fired off a litany of spicy and unladylike phrases.

In other ways it was a good day. I took extra supplies back to the builder's supply in Penticton. Since they wouldn't give me my money back I was forced to head straight for the gardening department and buy a cartload of herbs and flowers. Oh the torture! (Hopefully the pansies I bought will be as beautiful as the ones I had last year!)

I also stapled on the bottom tier of mesh on the long side of the deck and on the bottom half of the short wall next to the door. I put the awning the guys took off on Freecycle and had a taker within five minutes. He was thrilled to get it and I was thrilled to get rid of it. Someone else is picking up the sheet of plywood we didn't use, which is in the way and un-moveable by us. Bonus!

Let me give you some advice. Do not sneeze or get the hiccups when you have a freshly broken rib. It is very painful!

After my busy day of buying, building and bone-breaking I was really tired, so I went to bed shortly after 9:00 pm. Tony is convinced Sal knew I was hurt. He fussed over me, nuzzled me, licked my chin and face very gently and finally lay down next to me, wrapped his furry arms around my neck, laid his head on my cheek and purred me to sleep. It was that kind of day too.


newwaytowrite said...

What a up and down day you had. Nice kitty. Brat cat was obviously on vacation. Hope that part of it lasts.

Take care.

Susan said...

Hope you heal up quickly. The covered deck is going to be terrific. Is that corrugated plastic on top? We put that on our deck and its great, but a few year , and wind storm later it has developed small cracks, so it needs a redo this year!