Sunday, April 05, 2009

What Household Routine?

It is one of those days. When I was at the doctor's a couple of weeks back and complained of the wicked muscle spasms in my back and right hip she told me I could up the dose of my muscle relaxant from 1/2 pill to one pill.

Well, I haven't tried that but this morning at 3:00 am when I was almost in tears from pain and couldn't get comfortable enough in any position to sleep, I went in and took 3/4 of a pill. That did the trick. In about 45 minutes my knotted muscles loosened and I zonked right out.

Only problem, my muscles are still so relaxed that I can hardly stand. Oh man! Until that pill wears off I am the epitome of relaxation. And furthermore there is absolutely no way I can stress about it. So, let's review. What has been accomplished to this point (11:00 am) today? I ask because yesterday I read a lovely post by one of my favorite bloggers about establishing a household routine.

Apparently routine has a lot to do with deciding what to do in what time period; i.e. by 6:00 am I will have bread baked, the floors bathed, the children mopped and polished, the garden mowed, the lawn weeded, one quilt plucked, two chickens quilted, and so on until the chores are done and a wonderful sense of accomplishment wells up and spills over in domestic bliss.

Well, what exactly have I done so far? I got dressed, which was a challenge as I had a hard time keeping a grip on my clothes. The object of pants is to get them high enough to cover one's ample behind. This requires a certain amount of forceful grabbing and pulling. It's not supposed to be a work-out, but I can turn anything into exercise.

I put the wretched, squealing cat in his room. This is a lot more complicated than it might sound. You have to put his leash on (bend over and straighten up), open the door, hang onto the leash, turn sideways so you can grip both grab bars (inside and out) at the same time. Ease a foot onto the top step, second foot on top step, ease foot down to second step, second foot to second step. Let go of inside grab bar. Step down, second foot down, let go of outside grab bar. Hold onto edge of cat room roof, tug on cat's leash, as he's decided to go walkies. Convince him to go into his room, close the door. Crawl back up the stairs. I challenge anyone not to be exhausted after that much work!

I then had to turn on the lights in the greenhouse, get the seed flats out of the bathtub and get the plants outside and into the greenhouse. I hope those plants aren't cooking out there. So far I haven't been able to get in and out to check. Tony usually helps by handing the flats out the door, so I don't have to run up and down the stairs. Tony is in bed with the flu. He can't get up without throwing up. I poured him a cup of (day-old) tea. I made it last night and poured it into the carafe. Good thing, he'd have been drinking water otherwise. Poor guy. He reminded me how little trouble he is when he's sick. He hasn't gotten out of his pjs in two days, eaten anything, messed any dishes besides a tea cup.

My household "routine" consists of deciding what is possible and what isn't on any given day. On good days I whip around and get my household chores done in an hour. On days like today... not so much. Today my itinerary is; breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out ... repeat as necessary. That's my list and my routine. Feel free to join in if you are feeling ambitious!

Now, all this typing has worn me out. Time to go into a coma and wait for that pill to wear off. Won't be taking 3/4 of one of those again.

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